THOMPSON accepted into Free Range Film Festival!!

July 19, 2009


Thompson Poster

“Thomspon” was a Jury Award Winner at SXSW 2009, an Official Selection at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and everyone please look out for upcoming screenings at the ‘Free Range Film Festival’ and ‘Doc Point’ in Helsinki!

Jason Tippet’s film “Thompson” packs a lot of punch for a short about two slow-moving high school friends from Newhall, California. Matt and Ryan have known each other since second grade and are quickly approaching adulthood without much of a game plan. They both love dirt bikes and fire, neither are very ‘cool’ according to the dictations of their peers and going fishing is their only priority.

They are so seemingly average that in person you might not think twice about these two but onscreen they could be poster children of a sleeping generation. Their commentary on life is juvenile at times but easy to appreciate and almost sweet. There is a great moment in the film where Ryan looks over at a huge butterfly lawn decoration someone pinned to a tree and talks about his desire to have a real one for a pet. It was hilarious and spontaneous and I laughed out loud. This film has such a simple yet thoughtful charm that makes it hard to resist… and you almost want to find them and hang out with them. Almost.“thompson”-captures-a-lifetime/


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